Text To MP3 Converter Software

Text To MP3 Converter Software

Convert multiple text files to MP3s
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Text to MP3 Converter Software is aimed to convert batches of text files into audio files. A program like this can be used to avoid reading long texts, to listen to a text while you are doing something else or to learn a foreign language.
This program’s interface is really easy to use… only if you can read English, because all the buttons are text-based without a single visual clue of their function. Taking into account that many potential users may be speakers of other languages, this can pose a limitation to the use of this software. As in other software supporting batch conversion, you can start by creating a list of the files to convert. You can add files one by one or as complete folders. Unfortunately, the program only supports TXT files and does not allow pasting from the clipboard either. Afterwards, you should select the voice to use. This option is limited to the text-to-speech engines installed on your system because the program does not install any engine of its own. There are other configurable aspects, such as the volume and the speech speed. After this, you will be ready to start your conversion. Once it is finished, you will be able to listen to the resulting audio before you save it. Unluckily again, it only supports MP3 as output format.
This program, as seen, features a consistent workflow that leaves no room for doubts, but even so, it comes with a demonstration video. However, in my opinion, its price is excessive for a program that does nothing but to use the system’s text-to-speech engine. I am sure you can find similar software for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It comes with a demonstration video.
  • It supports batch conversion.


  • The buttons have captions in English with no visual clue whatsoever.
  • It only supports TXT as input and MP3 as output.
  • The price is excessive.
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